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Welcome to the Dusty Strings community!


This is an open discussion forum for all past, present and future members of the Dusty Strings harp and hammered dulcimer community. You can ask technical questions, poll the community for advice, share experiences, make new friends… A Dusty team will be moderating the forum and answering any questions we can. We have a lot of collective knowledge and experience, but we don’t know everything, and we sincerely hope that you will chime in with your own answers! We want to know what you think, especially if you disagree with us.

Before you get started, please read our guidelines for using the forum. (Summary of guidelines: Be nice!) We value openness, honesty and transparency, but we will delete any posts that do not follow the ground rules. And if you see something objectionable that we’ve missed, flag it! It is the responsibility of the community as a whole to keep this a comfortable and respectful forum for discussion.

A few other notes:

  • While a Dusty team is moderating this forum, we do not approve posts before they become public. This means that there may be information or opinions posted here that we do not necessarily agree with. We think that having lots of voices makes for a more open and honest discussion, but you should use your common sense when deciding whether or not to take someone’s opinion as fact!
  • If we think your question has already been answered in a previous topic, we may link to that topic instead of writing a whole new answer. We’re not trying to brush you off, but we are trying to keep things tidy!
  • You are welcome to discuss other instruments and makers as they relate to the topics in this community, but keep the discussions respectful and know that unless we can contribute an objective fact, the Dusty team will not participate in comparisons of our instruments to another maker’s.
  • Please avoid using this forum for self-promotion. We’d love for you to meet each other, network and share local resources, but we’d prefer it if you advertised your new album or your wedding music services elsewhere!

We appreciate your participation and we’re excited to hear your voice!