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Waiting and waiting and waiting for my HD 570!


Let’s get the fact out very quickly. I am a baby beginner player who picked up the hammers last August. I have been renting a HD from DS since that time. I ordered a D550 but it was very back ordered so I would have to wait for 6-8 months. In the mean time I practiced and improved. Just at the time I thought I would be getting the D550 I got a phone call from DS. “I just wanted to let you know that we are upgrading the D550 . . . . Do you want to change your order?” I thought about it for about 48 hours and said yes. So of course I am still waiting.

My question is was the instrument it worth the wait, and price ?

Secondly, are you glad you upgraded to the more expensive option?

These questions are for players who are not professionals and who will likely not make money playing their interment.