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Tuning Tips


As a harp newby. Does anyone have any good tuning tips or methodology? I have heard that it is a good practice to flat B,E,A which would avail keys: Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, & E and their related minors with the flick of a lever. Specifically is it best to tune the central octave and work out toward the extremes, alternate top to bottom, or tune each pitch (all the Cs,Ds, etc).

What have you found that works best? Thanks,


Tuning to Bb or Eb lets you play in certain flat keys as well as naturals. If you play in an ensemble that uses arrangements in flat keys, you’ll need one of those tunings. If you know your music theory well, you can understand how they work.
But if you want to learn basic music theory, it works better to tune your harp to C with all the levers down.
Then, if you play solo, when you encounter a piece written on a flat key, just start with ALL your levers up and then look at which notes are supposed to be flat and put those levers down and read the music as usual.
Laurie Riley