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Thompson Harps mystery


My name is John Thompson of Thompson Harps. www.thompsonharps.com.
I received an email from a woman in Baltimore saying that she had purchased a Thompson harp
and could I provide a string chart etc. Turns out it was not one of my harps but was made by a Thompson Harp company from Seatle. She tried to track them down but was unsuccessful.
She sent some pictures of the harp to me but I wasn’t able to upload them to this post, The harp seems to have a metal sound box…
Please let me know if you have any information about this company.


Hello John! I asked Ray, who is one of the founders of Dusty Strings, and he has a memory of a harpist in Seattle having a fleet of rental harps that were made of fiberglass, which could maybe look like a metal soundbox in a photo. He thinks they were made by a guy named Earl Thompson in Maryland, who also used the name Linrud Harps. I’m not sure about the Seattle connection, unless this person bought her harp from someone in Seattle, or perhaps the builder lived in Seattle for a while… Ray thinks the company probably isn’t around anymore, since his last memory of them is in the late seventies.

For a string chart, our advice would be to contact Robinson’s Harp Shop. If anyone is likely to have specs or information about those harps, it’s them! http://robinsonsharpshop.com/