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Stiff Levers


Hello! The levers on my dusty are quite rigid. I’ve tried (gently and carefully) using WD40, and I thought it worked but they’re back to feeling a bit stiff. What else can I do short of going to a harp repair person?



These are Lovelands I assume(?). If so…the cam is held to the bracket with a 1/4" hex nut (and several tension washers). For starters, try loosening that nut a bit. I know some people lubricate with WD-40 but I don’t advise it. WD-40 attracts dusty like crazy which makes the action even worse. Fine graphite powder is better but just a little and blow the excess off.



The answer does depend on what type of levers you have. If they are Loveland levers (which have a brass base and a black handle), then loosening the nut on each lever handle should do the trick. We’ve never needed to lubricate the Loveland levers.

If you have Robinson levers, which are all brass, then it’s a bit more complicated. The handles are riveted to the bases and aren’t really adjustable the way the Lovelands are. Sometimes lubricating them works for a while, but usually people end up replacing them with new Robinson levers.


On the subject of Robinson levers vs. Lovelands…Rees recently came out with their own design - sort of a cross between the Lovelands and Truitts. The Rees’ are available through Robinsons harp shop. Not that you may wish to change all your levers but if you have to replace a few that is an option.


This is all good to know! Thanks everyone! Apparently it has the Loveland levers. I’m hoping to get the tool kit for Christmas so I can go to work on it. I may need to haul it out to a store before then though to let it have a nice little once over!