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Ravenna owners: drop-down leg or 4-legged stand?


Which one do you use most often and why? Would you recommend having both options or just one? Can you fit the Ravenna 26 stand in the black CE26 case or do you really need the burgundy case with more pocket space?


I have a Ravenna 26, and I have taken it often to a particular hospice. I prefer the 4-legged stand for that setting. When taking the harp in, on a cart, the stand fits securely on top of the case in the narrow section. Once set up, then, it is easy to carry from room to room. I can leave it sitting in the hallway (which you can’t do with the drop-down leg) while I go into the next room to introduce myself &/or to observe the patient.

I’m thankful for the drop-down option, but I haven’t ended up using it very often. I love the design of the 4-legged base – easy on, easy off.


My Ravenna came with the extension leg. I didn’t like it. If I needed to quickly get up from playing, I had to lay the harp out on the floor. Within a month I had ordered 12 inch legs. Love them. They unscrew and fit in the carrying case pocket. however, I left the extension leg inside the harp. After a year the harp developed a weird buzz. Removed the extension leg and the buzz disappeared.