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Raising a Harp to reach due to disability


I have owned an FH32 for a number of years. A couple of years ago I had an accident and among other things my lumbar vertebrae were fused with titanium rods and bone. For all intents and purposes I have a single rigid bone from S1 through L4. This has led to me abandoning the harp for a couple of years now as I can’t reach down and play it having no flexibility in my lower spine. I can force myself to try to get lower by dropping my shoulders (so much for thumbs up) but after a short while that increases my pain levels to a point I must quit not long after starting.

I have read or heard in the past of people using a wood box that raises the harp off the floor and acts as passive amplifier by increasing the effective size of the sound box. I am not really interested in amplification but I am interested in increasing the height of the harp off the floor by at least 5 inches while its being played. It would only be raised while being played and can otherwise sit on the floor.

Has anyone seen, have a picture of, have used, knows someone who makes them or even have plans for such a device? I would be very grateful as I miss playing the harp tremendously. Thank you in advance.


Dave Hinkley
Lees Summit, Missouri


I don’t know of any specific boxes that are sold for this purpose, but really, any sort of crate or stool should work if you can find one that’s the right height. If it has a slippery top, you might try adding a grippy rubber sheet on top so the harp doesn’t slide off when you tip it back against your shoulder.

One other option is the harp stand adapter that Thormahlen harps makes: http://www.thorharp.com/pages/harpstand.htm

Since your FH32 has feet, you should be able to add the “donut” to the base of your harp and the harp will still balance on the floor when you’re not using the stand. I’m not sure if this stand would actually be too tall for what you’re trying to accomplish, though.