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New guy to the forum, yes I have a question


Now that I am about to retire, I have determined it is time to learn something. 4 years ago I was on the Cliffs of Moher and heard this beautiful sound, it was a harpist. I told her I could make that harp, she said," you can?, and my wife said "YOU CAN?! Well after getting a set of plans I started in making every mistake one can. Now I am comfortable working with the builds, I get spruce tops from the sound boards of junk pianos. Hey, the older the better. Some are 100 years old with 50-60 lines per inch. So now I am installing my first set of Camac levers on a 34 string stave harp. I am having trouble regulating the B string, #28. The B tunes perfectly, however, when I apply the sharpening lever I get a C at 25 cents. Tried raising the bridge pin and moving the lever, but to no avail. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
South Carolina.


A B# is the same as a C natural - you did not say if it is 25 cents sharp or flat but actually that is fairly close. When you strike a string it will jump sharp a bit at first. You also should be aware that other strings will be vibrating and the tuner may pick those up. Try damping the other strings with a strip of foam insulation.