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New 10/9 Hammered Dulcimer and Tuning?


Hello there! I am so happy to find this site and hoping I can get some help with the tuning of my new 10/9 hammered dulcimer? It is a Roosebeck brand.

I am looking for the treble note scale, actually looking for the first note to start with at the top of the dulcimer and I know I can go from there in tuning and getting the right notes from there.

Please help, if you can, I want to learn to play this wonderful instrument!

Thank you,


Hi Linda,

We’re not experts on the Roosebeck dulcimers, but I did find a PDF of their owner’s guide, which has a tuning chart in it. Hopefully this helps you out!

Have fun playing!


Thank you so much!! Why didn’t I think to look for a PDF manual?! DUH! I am sure this is what I have been looking for and just so happy for the information!

Thanks again…Linda :slight_smile: