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How to pack a harp for shipping


Packing a harp to be shipped can be a pretty daunting task to face. Most people don’t have a hard flight case or a harp-sized cardboard box with custom-designed foam packing materials, so there’s often a fair amount of creativity involved in finding packing materials and fitting them to the harp.

If you’ve been in this situation and found a method that works (or a method that decidedly does not work!), we’d love to know how you did it! What materials did you use? Where did you find them? Did you hire someone to pack it for you or did you do it yourself?


When we ship our harps to customers from Seattle, we use our custom-designed boxes and foam inserts. The concept is to keep the harp suspended with cushy foam inside a sturdy cardboard box, so that if the box gets dropped or a corner gets crushed, the harp is still fine.

Here’s a diagram of what that looks like:


Thank you so much for displaying this layout, in case I need to return my harp and “forget” how it was shipped to me! Is this layout on any of Dusty’s web pages? Perhaps I missed seeing it.


You didn’t miss it! We’ve just never had this diagram on the website.


Should harp strings be tuned down a few steps for shipping overseas? Going from Michigan to Ireland on Are Lingus.
Thanks Stu


We used to down-tune our low bronze-core strings when we shipped our harps, but we stopped doing it many years ago, and we haven’t seen any difference. As long as the harp is well-cushioned on all sides and isn’t going to shift in the box, we’re of the opinion that there’s no additional risk to the instrument from keeping the strings tuned up. And the benefit is that you have far less tuning to do once you reach your destination!


Yes, I and my GF were a bit surprised when the Ravenna 26 finally arrived (after a diversion through half of Europe, for some strange reason) and she could play it straight out of the box! It was in tune with itself, just a tiny bit below concert pitch.