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Harp placement on radiant heat floors?


My friend has a new house with radiant floor heating on the main floor, and wants to know if it’s safe for her harps? She has a 36 string Merlin, a 38 or 40 string Lyon +Healy Prelude, and a 38 string harp made from a kit. She plans to put in hardwood flooring on top of the cement base. Ok? does she need a rug? Should she keep her harps upstairs instead, where the floor is not radiant heated? Ideas?


I just moved into a lovely small apartment with a ceramic tile radiant heat floor. Having been in the apartment in the winter, the floor wasn’t cold, but it didn’t seem to get warm enough to worry about. I’m interested in seeing how moisture management is going to go this winter; probably far easier than I’ve ever had it with wood heat.


None of us here have actual experience with radiant floors, but from what we’ve read, they seem to be in the 70-80 degree range, which should be fine for a harp to sit on. We have a rule of thumb about heat that says if a human body is comfortable, a harp will be too. So if the floor is comfortable for bare feet to walk on, it shouldn’t be a problem for a harp.


In the other thread about humidity levels during winter I mentioned that I’ve kept my solid wood acoustic guitars in a room with a certain humidity level, for several decades (I keep it at 40% or more during winter). What I did not say in that thread is that the the room has a heated floor - and the guitars are kept close to, or at the floor during storage, although in cases. I don’t consider this a problem at all, because as Christy said, if your bare feet are comfortable on the floor your instrument should be too. The relative humidity level of the air is what’s important.
I would be much more concerned about wall heaters and the like, they present a concentrated spot of heat which you will want to keep your instrument well away from. Radiant heat floors are generally not very warm, instead the heat is spread over a larger area.