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Harp Names


We thought it would be fun to start a discussion about instrument names. If you’ve named your harp or dulcimer, tell us the name, what it means to you and if there’s a story behind it!


I have three harps. My FH36, Daphne, is named after a comic strip character (I have a collection of those strips inscribed by the author “To Gail and Daphne.” Further I cannot say.). Phoebe, my Harpsicle, is named after one of my former students when I was a school nurse, years ago. Leah, my newly arrived, 25-year-old FH26 sort of took the name a day of two after I picked her up at the UPS terminal in White River Junction, VT. Their names just seem to fit them. It seems to me that my harps have had names pretty much since the day they arrived, but the little Martin 000-18 I’ve had for 42 years never took a name, or at least never told me.


I love the idea of naming instruments, as this is what I have done with all of my accordions. My three harps have names, too. The first harp I purchased in 2007 is a Triplett Christina, which I named “Little Harpo” because I have always loved Harpo Marx. The second harp I bought was a Lyon and Healy Ogden, which has gut strings. I named that harp “Buster” because he arrived with some broken strings and I have to replace them fairly often. My third harp, which arrived here on the 29th of June of this year, I named “Little Dusty.” It is an FH-26 in bubinga and the name seemed to fit. So, those are my three harp babies and they are true gems! I have always thought that if we give our instruments names, then we can more easily connect with them, as they become an extension of us, the player. Playing harp is, indeed, a true gift!


Hello All,

I have one harp, a beautiful black walnut Triplet Catalina Deluxe Staved back. I am a rank beginner and still need to practice.

I have named her Guinevere (not sure if this is her spelling, still working on it)
I know , not too original, but I love the name.



Although just a beginner, I named my Ravenna 34 “Reverie” which seemed appropriate. Has anyone ever arranged harp music for Debussy’s piano solo “Reverie”, or with more experience, could I attempt the piano music itself?


I have a rather infamous all black FH36 named Harp Vader. He was apparently dubbed so separately by both his maker, and the sales staff when he returned years later to be resold. But, you’d have to ask THEM about that. They remember. :wink: #NeverForgetHarpVader

All I know is, it sooooo fits. :wink:


My FH36 doesn’t have a name, but my Allegro 26 is Mini Me.


Hi, My primary violin is named Liesette. She is named for the makers paternal grandmother. My secondary violin is named Carol after a dear friend who passed away the day I bought the instrument. My viola is Niccolo, named after the great master. I have been informed by the good folk at Dusty Strings that my first harp, currently on its way to me, is named Anastasia. Ironically I had a calico cat by this name. Musical instruments all have personalities and definitely do need a name.


My lever harp is called Dorothy and she has a panda painted on her. Why? Because my first childhood toy was a panda called Dorothy. My Cairn Terrier, Boris, loves her and lies down beside her. My friend has a violin called Fred.