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Harp desks


I’m wondering what people’s experience has been using a harp desk (that clamps onto the pillar)? Do you like using it? I’m wondering what brands you would suggest (I’m not interested in making it myself - I know there are kits available). I also wonder if it will fit the pillar or a Heartland carbon fiber harp. Ideas?


Hi Lori,

I own the Musicmakers Harp Desk, and I purchased it “finished” (I did not build it from the kit). I love it! I use the smaller size for my iPad, and it works perfectly in my healthcare harp work, and fits perfectly on all of my Dusty Strings harps - FH36, FH32, even the FH26. You can explore their options, and they can advise you about the fit for your pillar, based on the make/model of the harp/s. It has made me portable and helped provide a smaller “footprint” when I need to enter compact spaces.

Best wishes!
Susan C.


Ah! Thanks for your very quick reply, Susan! I’m glad to hear you like it so much! Maybe it will go on my birthday wish list. I got a new iPad for Christmas, and despite the steep learning curve with both it and Forscore, (the music program my professional friends recommended) I’m really enjoying using both. The harp desk seems like a good next step!


I understand about the learning curve on all of the technology - good luck as you continue, Lori! I also use forScore, and after becoming more comfortable with it, I have found it very beneficial to my musical work.


I talked with Dave Woodworth a few years ago about this - his feeling was that the CF harp is too light and would tip off balance if the desk had much weight on it; for example, a thick music binder. But it should be OK with just a few scores.



As a neophyte I do not know what a harp desk is. Is it some sort of music stand that clips to the pillar? What is the advantage over using a music stand?



@DonC, This is the Musimaker’s harp desk Susan referenced above: http://www.harpkit.com/product/deskfin.html

It saves you from having an extra item to carry and to find floor space for. Also one less thing you can accidentally knock over!