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Double Strung Quest


@laurieriley is such a bad influence. Between her videos and Carolyn Deal’s, I decided that I NEED a double strung harp. From the start I swore that I would not buy another (3rd) Dusty, and looked at every double available. Let me tell you, there is a small pool to chose from. Today, I came back to the Dusty FH26 after weeks of internet research and contact with builders. It really is the best value, and best sounding double I have found. Before I take the plunge, I’d like to hear about your experiences with doubles.


Do it! You’ll never turn back.


Copying some comments that Cherie Winner posted on Facebook in response to this:

klnorton, I too fell in love with the double-strung harp. For me it
started as simple curiosity at a Somerset festival a few years ago. Joy
Yu Hoffman was teaching workshops in double, and Ray & Sue let me
borrow a lovely all-maple FH26 DS for the classes.
I was smitten, but it takes me a while to work up to spending that much
money, so I waited until the next year, when Cindy Shelhart taught ds
at Somerset. Once again, Ray and Sue provided a loaner…and that one,
dubbed “Little Red” because of its cherry heritage, went home with me.
(I also have two other Dustys, an FH26 and FH34.) Since then I’ve taken
workshops with Beth Kolle and Laurie Riley and (a second round) with
Cindy, and am enjoying Carolyn’s video tutorials very much. I love love
love the double–it seems to fit my way of seeing and hearing music
better than a larger single-course harp. I think the possibilities of
the double-strung are just beginning to be explored by a wider group. As
more people take it up, we’ll see more ideas, more arrangements, more
possibilities for this wonderful instrument. I think you will be very
happy with a Dusty double–as you say, the sound can’t be matched, and
you know from your previous experience with Dustys that the Mooerses
can’t be matched–and with the recent up-turn in interest in double
(thanks in large part to Carolyn’s video tutorials, which everyone
everywhere can enjoy and learn from, without having to travel to a
festival), it’s a great time to start playing the instrument. With more
players, we’ll see more classes, more books with arrangements
specifically for the double, and overall a greater appreciation for what
the double-strung can do. It’s not just echoes (although echoes are
definitely cool)!”


If you like the Dusty FH26 you will like the double. There are indeed a limited number of people making doubles but that may change as players discover how much one can do with them - as this thread attests!