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Daily Tuning


I am a beginner hammered dulcimer player. I am finding that my hd is out of tune every day due to temperature changes. All courses are equally out of tune, in the same direction. Complete tuning does make for a richer sound when I play, but feel I am causing premature wear on tuning pin holes and strings. Should I be tuning daily? -Navarre, Florida


I wouldn’t worry about wear on tuning pin holes and strings. Hammered dulcimers are made to be tuned, and they are definitely more fun to play when all the strings are in tune! It shouldn’t be a problem for the instrument if you tune every day, but it is a lot of work, so hopefully your instrument will be a bit more stable when the temperature settles down!


Thank you for your reply, and your help on the phone this morning. I’m certain it was you that helped me with my order.


You’re so welcome! I wondered if you were the same person. I wish you all the best with your new D45! (By the way, since it’s a new instrument, it’ll definitely take at least a couple of weeks of daily tuning before the strings start to hold pitch, regardless of temperature fluctuations.)


I agree about new instruments settling in and needing more initial tuning. I have found that keeping my dulcimer in its case, except for when I’m playing it, has really helped. I loved looking at it but I tune it so much less than I used to when I kept it out on its stand.


DS_Christy. It’s been about a month. I wanted to let you know I am really enjoying my new hammered dulcimer. Here’s video of me practicing St. Anne’s Reel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ6UcUQ2hhA I have never played a musical instrument before and I am having so much fun.


@Bon3fish, it sounds wonderful! Keep up the great work!