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All about a Dusty Strings D25N 15/14 Hammered Dulcimer


I am brand new to the hammered dulcimer, but for years have played guitar, mandolin and banjo. In those instruments we enjoy know all about the instrument, woods, etc. In that vain I would like to know more about the D-25. It was made in 9-8-89 and seems to be in excellent condition. What all can I know about it and what do I need to know? I really look forward to learning. thanks to all


The D25 is very similar to our current D45, which you can read all about on our website. The main differences are that the D45 is a little bit larger, so that it can accommodate dampers, and it has an extra course of strings at the top of each bridge. Also, it’s currently made with a sapele soundboard and back, while your D25 is probably mahogany. Did you know that Rich Mullins played a D25?

If it didn’t come with the dulcimer, you might find our Dulcimer Owner’s Guidebook to be a handy reference. You can find it on our Hammered Dulcimer Support page, along with some other helpful tips about things like tuning and general maintenance.

Have fun playing!